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Thursday, 15 December 2011

WP: Reception Attire

As Salam,

this gonna be my 1st post about my planning..
woot woot!!

when talking bout reception attire, 
i'm thinking bout something simple but sweet & of course can caught people's eyes..esp my eyes!

my theme gonna be classic modern..

i'm dreaming of something like these:

i think d above dress is custom made..
d colour so sweet with patch lace...owh falling in love with this..

i like this one too..
simple n nice!!

its zila ziman..!! 

i love this too..
d grooms attire pn sgt macho!!
d brides is my schoolmate...
she's so pretty!

D' YusZa Galeri Pengantin

ok i adore dis colour..
im so into earthy colour now..
i dun now y
but since my skin is kinda tan..
so not sure whether this colour can fits me or not...


where can i find all of these design..
i think mmg kena custom made..
but im sure its gonna be expensive rite...

i already survey some boutique
it comes with a package of
custom made attire for brides and grooms
 make up

the price is 2k++
to me its kinda expensive...(cheapskate!!)
but my mom said its ok..

wut say u??
i dun really know d standard price actually..hahaha..

i thought i can get around 1.5k maximum for a package like that

owh btw d boutique dat i mention above is ZSD Bridal Boutique 
it is located in puchong..its kinda near with my hse in pj..

i think i still need to survey ..

Thanx for reading >_<

p/s: some of d pics i took it from it's either op pages, MUA and my frens' fb page...but mostly i google'd it and go to the original page...


  1. saya paling suka kan zila ziman punya attire mungkin sebab dia songket dan putih kot~

    letak kamu di bloglist saya ye. keep update!

    salam perkenalan!

  2. thanx diera 4 d opinion..salam perkenalan jg...

  3. Hi..we are b2b newbies and we are now looking for reception dresses too! Mesti sweet kalo adopt concept2 those brides ni kan
    Keep sharing the info k ;)!

  4. hye..thanx..insyaAllah i will..still searching for d best package than can provide good price..eheh all d best k?