Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Monday, 26 December 2011

WP: Room Deco

AsSalam & Hye buddies..

For the past 3 days
it has been a really hectic day for my family, fiance and i

Day 1 (saturday) 

we went to KL to search for a room deco!
and also my wedding ring! 
coz the gold price is currently reducing 
and there's a rumors that it will increase during Chinese new year

at first we went to poh kong pj since my mom has a best friend working there..
so we might get more discount 
however, they dun really have much design..
and the one that i like..exceed his budget..
so i dun  wanna burden him plus 
i still wanna survey at d other shop..

then we went to kl to search for curtains and bed sheet.
but the whole day was kinda waste of time 
as we only bought my bed sheet ...T_T
but i found my fav ring at Habib..
they are currently on a big sale!!
its 50% disc..
so u can get it at a very very low price
 as the other shop is selling twice the price in habib.. 
but i dun wanna juz grab it 
but i seriously has falling in love with the ring..!
but the price exceed his budget about rm500 ....T_T
but he said its ok...>_<

Day 2 (sunday)

fiance and i went to sunway to search for a wedding ring again..
still nothing caught my eyes..huhu
then fiance said its ok..juz buy the one that i like..
it is still within his budget..
d day before..
i pray to Allah 
if that's the best for me..
then lead us to it
juz grab it!!

then on the afternoon we went to my childhood fren's wedding at KGNS
the wedding has been so well organised..
both of them look so gorgeous ...

Congrats to both of u..
Ashraf & Nadrah

after the wedding
we straight go to KL to buy my fav ring..
Alhamdulillah...insyaAllah dats the best for me..
thanx fiance

it may be not expensive to others..
but to me that's d most expensive gift from my future husband (insyaAllah)
no matter what as long as i love it..
so i dun bothers other opinion...

Day 3 (monday)

which is today!
again going to KL...
we were at Kamdar searching for curtains like 4 hours..!!!
Alhamdulillah..we found all we needs there..
so starting from today..
mom will be busy sewing curtains!
she said she dun wanna cook..haha

then last place we went to is sogo 
searching for another bed sheet..huhu
we reached home at 6pm
it was tiring..
i never thought that preparing for a wedding was this hectic!!
but thanx a lot to my family for supporting and helping me
esp to abah as d banker! haha
its actually such a shame 
at this age my dad still support me in terms of money matters..
it supposed to be the other way around..huhu

owh btw, any1 going to Festival Pengantin @ I City, Shah Alam U8, Shah Alam next week??


  1. dear, wedding fair dah tukar tempat bukan dekat i-city lagi tp dekat space U8, TTDI shah alam~

  2. owh really..thanx a lot for d info!