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Thursday, 29 December 2011

WP: Wedding Attire


lately im so lazy to browse any info on vendor for d wedding preps.
this is all due to some probs which only Allah knows..
and few people yang 'kena' je tahu..
i hope things will get better soon..amin

mak asked me to think fast and make my decision on my wedding theme colour 
as well as for d reception attire..
she wants me to wear songket..
so im still searching for any vendor yg blh custom made baju 
and provide service for pelamin ...if ada make up skali pn ok..
currently i got d best price as low as rm2.5k..
but not sure dia blh buat pelamin as i request..
i juz want a simple pelamin like this

Kerja Kahwin

x de yg bunga like arch at the back tu pn x pe
coz i xde bersanding pn..
juz for taking picture

so still waiting for this coming festival pengantin
who knows ada vendor that can provide special price 
for custom made baju + pelamin + make up..

for wedding theme colour 
im planning for combination of grey and peach

but for reception dress i maybe choose pantone color..
org ckp mcm kelabu taik hanjing..hahahah

if u guys know any vendor dat can provide me with all of the service mention
feel free to drop in the comment or chat box
thanx in advance!

p.s: pictures all credit to google!


  1. erk, kite tak pasti la. dalila tinggal kat mane?

  2. kt tgl kat klu nk cari vendor yg x charge for transportation maybe area klang valley je la..mcm puchong, kepong, shah alam,pj...kl x sure dorg akan charge ke x..rasa nye x kot..

  3. hai dalila..nice color..nice dais..
    kina dah link dalila..:) keep in touch ya..
    hope u will find the vendor..kl area KL kina tak berapa pasti sgt..

  4. hye kina...thanx a lot...
    Alhamdulillah td pg wedding festival kat space u8 shah alam..byk vendor yg blh provide service within my kesimpulannya mmg kena rajin survey during wedding festival..heheh