Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Random Mumbling

AsSalam and hello!

lately some of my frens keep on asking me..
how's ur preparations and all that..
but all i can say is everything is ok
i dunno what i can say actually..
should i say i've planned everything 
i mean when i should book my card,OP & OV, dais, attires, catering..
when i should buy other miscellaneous stuffs, wedds favors 
the list goes on... 

last 2 days, one of my fren asked me..
have u booked ur cards..
then i said isn't it too early ?
then she said u always think that everything is too early 

yes! like i did on my engagement day..
i didn't have shawl, tudung, or veil on my engagement..
coz i think i juz wanna make it simple..
i dun have OP on my engagement
no MUA...
i only invited my close family 
since approximately 200 people was invited by my parents..
so no frens were invited
so i guess i dun have to wear a veil 
and wearing a simple tudung sarung ..
or currently known as tudung express makes it easier for me 
but then night b4 the engagement day
my aunt asked me where's ur tudung..
owh btw i bought my tudung a day b4 i got engaged..=)
then they said simple nye!!!
i was like "then should i put patch lace, beads, all over it..?" haha
hurmm i know they wanna make me look fantabulous..
im a simple person and i dun care about all that..
so they asked me do u still have kain lebih2 from ur engagement baju?
yes i do have they asked me to cut it nicely to fit at the awning..
and i sew it..

and the end product is not that bad act..(perasan!)

its juz i dun really like the veil..huhu sorry aunt!
mcm org dlu2 pny wedds kan?
and its my aunt's veil during her wedds back then 
 i guess for the past 13 yrs ++
its a net yg keras tu..huhu
i dun wanna wear that veil act..
but my aunt insist me to wear it T_T..
ikut je la..
see kejung je kan..hahaha 
its ok what past is past..
and im happy as long as they are happy

FMIL, urs truly, my luvly mom

mcm candid..but im always a camera alert!haha
no mini dais..
coz the upacara sarung cincin buat in a guest room 
sbb i malu!
but then pihak lelaki insist me to go out for taking pic..
ok sumpah malu ms tu..

moral of the story: 
its a lesson learned kan..
its ok to prepare early rather than u kelam kabut at the end of the day..
one my fren her wedds is in july..
mine will be on june..
but she already get her card done..
i mean she already booked her card..

to me its ok kot..
as long as i already planned when to do things at a time..
insyaAllah thing will be easier..

as for today..another 4 months 3 weeks to go..
i already booked my dais, attires, catering, khemah..
what else to be done??
i juz pray that things will goes smoothly as i planned on my big day..amin!


  1. a'ah la..veil tu macam veil orang kawen dulu2..
    ei, kurus ye dalila~ jeles!

  2. simple but it nice.. nk kawin bukan senang kn..banyak nk kena fikir...hehe...kadang2 fikir2, mampu ke nk urus semua tu...ahaa..maaf laa..suka jalan2 tgk org punya prep...nnt boleh la menyusul..ngeeee

  3. Dhiera: haha kurus? i dh naek berat 6kgs ms last2 tgh try nk turun kan la dpt trn 2 kg..tsk..tsk..

    Qistina: so true..i ni dh la mls nk pk bnyk bnda..sllu suruh org settle kan je..haha teruk nak kawen ni lg mls nk pk mcm2..huhu...