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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Assalam lovelies...

today i went to klinik kerajaan kelana jaya for hiv test..
i already make an appointment for today's test last week 
i think about past 1 week..
and they told me it is only available on the 29th on wards..
so i guess u need to make an appointment atleast 1 week earlier 
if only u nk buat kat k.j la..
i dunno bout other places..

the test only took about 20 minutes 
starting from u fill up the forms til u got the results..
x lama pon..
and x sakit pn..if u have donate ur blood b4
then u'll know..x sakit pn..

but then mine, they didn't stated on the forms that im free from hiv
after the officer called my name and pass me the form..
i look at it, and didn't see any statement stated that im -ve from hiv or etc..
(as mentioned by other blogger)
then i asked the officer, "tu je ke?"
and he adik, dh boleh nikah dh..
sarcastic sungguh..T_T

RESULTS! fine and -ve from hiv..hehe
so dh boleh p nikah..ahaks!
ok dh boleh checked one of my checklist..

btw, im not sure bout this,
but i did asked the officer ms dia tgh nk cucuk amek darah tu
btl ke hiv test valid up to 6 months for kl and selangor only?
but he said no..smua negeri pn up to 6 mnths..
well u can call klinik kerajaan where u gonna do d test for confirmation...

click here for the list of klinik kerajaan yg buat hiv test

thanx for reading ^_^

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