Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Thursday, 8 March 2012

ST: Random Mumbling

AsSalam lovelies

Im soooooo on my holiday mood  already..
2mrrw i'll be going for a longgggg journey road trip to besut..
for my cousin's bertandang wedding..
then im gonna visit my bff in besut 
and in Kota bharu too..aunty D can;t wait to see u munchkin!
she delivered her baby about less than 2 weeks...!!
im so excited coz im gonna be out of selangor..yeahoooo...
ok stop with that kiddy attitude..

forget bout my road trip
and lets cont rumbling mumbling ..
i dunno wut's wrong with me..
as i go through all other b2b blog
..not juz go through..but i read word by word ok!
some still have more months to go..
but they are so well prepared..
but im not sure bout my own preparation

i x cari tok kadi lg..
and my dad dh bising coz i haven't fill the borang kawen yet..
not even print it out yet..

my mom plak dh bising i x print lg guest list for her to make a review 
and nk budget guest bape org
so dat she can estimate on the order for catering..
mom plak keep on tukar menu sbb she wanted to have fish fillet jgk..
i ckp xpe la..its out of budget nnt
but she said its ok..rm1 je lbh..
(rm1 kalau darab 1000 tetamu x ke rm1000 mom?LOL)
pluz kt nk bg org mkn...
juz to make people happy..
ok im so happy actually mom really want d best for her daughter..
and of course for d guest!
tp i pity them sbb dorg yg akan byr nnt..huhu

and sgt funny ble mom already decide on the wedding favors
but ble dia pg wedding org..
nnt dia ckp eyh yg ni pon ok jgk..
and then pg wedding lain pn dia suka jgk..
ahahha..and we all said mom stop going to people's wedding
u'll turn to change ur decision for each wedding u attend..
my dad mmg dh out of this
dia th ktorg decide and told him the price and he'll paid for it
thanx daddy! i love u and mom too..
i can never pay back what both of u have done for me all this while..

i'm currently working full time with my lecturer (temporary till may)
but mcm xde feeling nk buat keje
haish laaa
and xde plak i risau bout my preps..
the tickers yg gile tu plak apa kes ntah kejap2 btl..
kejap2 backward...x hbs2 89 days..pdhl lg..85 ke 86 days..
lantak kamu la labu..

my sis plak bising hey ble nk pg book store and use that book voucher??
ble nk buat guest book?
i told u..
im so lazy in DIY-ing things..
owh well mayb i'm used to last minute work..
so i juz dont worry
and guess fiance pn mcm tu
dia lagi relax
tp smua nye smooth sailing je..
i relax tp ....??? i pn x th..hahahaha 

act mom didnt want me to work for this less than 3 mnths 
coz she want me to help her with the house chores..
since mom had to jahit langsir 
so she rarely cook or msk simple2 je..
klu i ada she'll ask me to cook
but with her guidance..
sbb i th msk sket2 je..hikhikhik..*facepalm*

tp i have to work to earn a living..eceyh..bajet tanggung sesiapa..
pdhl pg keje pn dad bg pocket money..
auwww malunye..
umo dh suku abad dad still giving pocket money..
* plz let me borrow ur hands to cover my face *

owh mom did ask me to practice cooking
mak: bila nk blaja masak ni?ada lg 3 bulan je ni
me: mak dila ada lg 3 bulan je nk mkn mskn mak..lps ni kena msk sndr...
mak: org suruh dia blaja..dia ckp camtu plak..

well act i nk tny borang kawen tu boleh download je kan?
no need to go to pejabat agama rite?
owh plz selangor b2b plz help me with this legal thingy..
super pemalas nye la haku ni...

ok thanx for reading 

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