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Friday, 6 April 2012

Kinda Freak 0ut

AsSalam and good day everyone!
yeayness its friday!

but something freak me out 
yesterday my uncle called and asked my mom, 
are the invitation cards ready?
well i can say its in progress 
he said dun print it out yet..
coz he heard that election will be on 2nd june..

i know and i heard it before that election will be somewhere early june
but from what i know
it will be on weekdays like previous years..
though i never votes before..huhu
and one of my fren said that it will be on 4th june..

then my mom call my other uncle which is active in politics
and he said it will be on 3rd june..=_='
my mom is freak out now..

if its about to happen in early june
can the government change the date
didn't they know that during school holidays there will be weddings.!!!
and of course people have plan earlier to do it on one of the weekends during school hols!!
oh my!!

does any1 of u heard or know the exact date 
or expected date when will the election be???
help me!

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