Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Thursday, 26 April 2012


AsSalam and hey hey all

recently my parents keep on making me sobs sobs..
but the macho me have to cover laaa kan..
juz now my dad told me that mom said 
few days left for us to eat together 
after this dila dh jadi orang penang...
uhk..uhk..sedih kot! 

then my dad ckp lg 
im scared i might be crying after sending u to kulim after this
juz like he did after sending me to matriculation in kuala nerang, kedah..hahahahah
ok its supposed to be sad story kan..
kenapa ketawa??huhu

before my fiance and i decided to get married 
my dad always said "the house would be empty without the girls"
my sis and i always arguing,
we are so loud...
smpi my mom ckp korg nk bagi satu taman dengar suara korang ke??haha
im so close with my sister and other siblings 
so its kinda sad when i think about it

hummmpp hummpp..
what ever it is ...
though the environment would be diff after married
but im sure the family bonding would still be the same as before..
well family will always be family 
and the most important person in life rite?

and lately there's a strange feeling in my mind
macam rasa sedih nk tglkan family..hikhikhik
btl ke mmg ada this feeling ble dh nak dekat2 kahwin ni?

aite..thanx for reading lovelies!

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  1. Sama la kita...slalu mcm terasa sedih bila kenangkan nk tinggalkan family huhu...