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Thursday, 5 January 2012

DIY: Rolled fabric flowers

AsSalam and hello!

mengada kan publish smpi 3 post in a day..
i was browsing a blog..x igt sape..
coz i think i can't look through sbb tbe2 ada malware..
but i manage to click at the link for the diy tutorial 

look at the head band..i mean d flower on the head band..
isn't it cute??

then i tried doing it ...
juz a few minutes b4 i write this post..
coz i saw mom's kain perca on the table
and i asked her..whether she still wanna use it or not..
then she said no..and asked me back 
what am i gonna do with it..
i said ill show u later when im done..hahaha

this is the end product..

p.s: sorry for the low quality of pic..i used webcam to capture this..=0

not that neat..
and i didn't really follow the step..
coz tgn ni bkn tgn seni
so i juz roll and fold as i like..hahaha

ada la jgk rupa kan?kan?hehe
this below pic is not mine..
its from the page owner..

this can be use as a corsage, brooch, or u can put it on a head band for flower girls..
and if u rajin sgt2..u can do like below..
kewl kan
from juz a simple cushion cover
u can change it to a super nice one..

u can refer here for the tutorial..

Good luck!


  1. mmg trend bunga gulung ni sekrg...ur blog pun nice!!linked back!:D

  2. kan!! very easy lg pn..if ada kain lbh2 kt rmh pn dh boleh buat..and can save money..hehe thnx!