Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Thursday, 5 January 2012


how's ur day??

i went through my fren's fb and saw this video..
tears falling down..
after watching this..

 well u can say im lack of experience bout marriage life thingy 
but from my point of view,

no matter whom u r married to..
ur family is still the most precious 'things' u have..

u r not married to ur spouse only 
but u r 'married' to their family too

if u willing to except all his flaws 
u also need to except what ever conditions of his/her family in..

no matter how rich u are
what brand u r using
how big ur house is 
if u cant respect others 
u r actually the most poor person ever!
esp to ur parents..masyaAllah

there's one day when i was waiting for my drinks at a stall
i saw a man walking hand to hand with his mother (i guess) 
his mother walking sooooo slow
and at that time i didnt realize that my tears falling down
i was touched by how he treated his mother
im the one that is very impatient
so i wish i could be someone like him
sabar je tgu mom dia jalan one step at a times...
i always pray that i will be a solehah daughter to my parents 
and also my FPIL

my mom sllu pesan 
treat ur in laws juz like how u treat ur family
then only u won't feel awkward being with them
and they will also treat u the best
no worries mom
will treat them the best i could do

p.s: tbe2 takut nak kawen sbb i notty ..haha -->x de kena mengena

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