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Thursday, 5 January 2012

WP: Wedding Festival @ Space U8

AsSalam and Hello!

sigh..(what a good intro kan?)
im supposed to finish the write up for my s/visor..
but dunno y la so lazy bump..

owh btw, last friday i went to Space U8 TTDI Jaya Shah alam
for a wedding festival
mcm pathetic je..
but im used to it..jalan sorang2
coz if im looking/survey for something
i prefer to go alone...
coz ble rmi sgt org esp org yg x related to this event
i rasa kesian to that person have to follow me around 
and wait for me while me asking so many Q kt vendor
well its kinda boring actually coz only few vendors participate in the event..
due to the changes of the place..
its supposed to be held at icity..
so rmi vendors tarik dr..T_T

i went to ALL vendors yang provide service for custom made attires + pelamin + make up
actually there are few yg i mcm takut2 nk pg
coz of their deco mcm extraordinary sgt
but i said to my self if x tny x th..
so from my experience dont be afraid to stop by and ask!!
act most of dorg pny price pn sm je..

but there is 1 vendor yg ignore me ms i lalu at their counter..hampes!
i know im under dressed..
then that person look at me coz i've been waiting for him to atleast give me the flyers!!
then he juz passed me the flyers and i leave the counter sbb rasa terhina..

i mmg x suka pg tmpt yg SA/owner dia kurang hajar mcm tu..
it always happen dkt perfume & make up counter
plz respect every1 yg datang la
u never know that person might be ur future client kan..
im not sure sape d vendor..
but their deco for pelamin on dat day cantik..

but i x sakit hati sgt since the vendor located at ipoh..
so there must be a transportation charge nnt kan...=)

then i went back home to do some research
actually browsing on their page..hehe
then i discuss with my sis and parents 
they said lets go 2gether on sunday!

then on sunday we still survey act juz go around tgk2 camtu je
then i said to my mom i think i already decided which one yg ok
so we go to their booth and discuss further
d vendor is D' Surya Bridal
ni booth dorg on dat day..

p.s: the dummy x pki bj coz ada org try baju kat situ jgk hokay!

the owner is kak mimi..
they don't have any official website or fb page.
but u guys can add dia kat fb page dia mimi suriani
she's so frenly and x kedekut (hopefully)...

since i amek custom made pny bj 
mom knows me very well sgt fussy klu plh bj for raya or special event..ehhe
so kak mimi ckp u have to follow me to choose the color of the kain
haha best kan..???
im not sure if other vendor will let the client to follow them in finding d material..
owh btw i bwk pics yg inspired me for pelamin and wedding attires..
sng nk discuss

d design of the baju pn x sure lg..
since im gonna wear songket
mcm x byk je design yg i jumpe for fully songket..
but i prefer a modern kurung style 
kaen songket bunga penuh 
maybe something like this 

with patch lace and beads

but x la exactly like this..
since im gonna cover my tudung at the chest part
so i asked her to make it heavy from the waist part smpi dkt kaki baju tu..

i amek service dia for custom made baju L&P 
with full accessories 
(P) - tudung,veil,dokoh,necklace,new design of shoes (yeay!)..did i miss anythng? 
(L) - sampin,tanjak,bengkung.
Pelamin rumah..

the price is still within my budget
 act i x th pn berapa my dad budget ..
but of course ill find somthing yg bg reasonable price kan..

i really hope the end results will turn out well

owh b4 blk tu there's one MUA buat make over on bienda..
subhanAllah..she's so pretty without make up..
though muka dia nmpk pale..but lawanye!!
kan ?? kan ??

ok..try to compare with this!


nah..!! im not trying to scares u!!
sj try this charcoal mask for black and white head removal..

p/s: have a happy day ahead!


  1. pelamin yang ada bunga ros tu cantik lah...

    salam perkenalan dari B2B selangor :D
    dah link kamu..

  2. kan!! suka tgk..
    thnx i pn dh link blk..
    nnt blh la share2 info on vendor since kt sama2 ddk s'gor..hehe