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Friday, 3 February 2012

Wedding Review: My Cousin

AsSalam lovelies..

How did year 2012 treat u guys so far... ??
as my cousin's said..
dis year is not wedding of the year..
its a year of wedding...
so far there's 4 weddings from our BIG family..
and my fmly itself ada 2..
which is me and my elder brother..fuhhhhh 
mine will be on june and my brother on december..insyaAllah..
and our relatives did ask my parents knpa x buat at d same time?
ill tell u why..later k..

and now 1 dh lepas..which is my cousin
it was held last weekend...
a week after CNY..
we really had a great time gather ramai2..
coz i think d best time to gather is during wedding
coz ms ni je yg smua akan turun..
and my elder brother make a surprise
tbe2 muncul kat rumah..(fyi he's staying in borneo.. =)

ok lets start with the review..
btw im doing this review as reminder 
bukan nak condemn sape2 or burukkan sape2.. 
so that it will not happen during my wedds and u guys..


i think nikah went smooth as planned..
and i plg suka coz his dad yg nikah kan dia..
i wish my dad akan nikah kan i nnti..huhu
ok con't with the review..
d thing dat we are not satisfied is with the make up...
in my point of view..
make up for solemnization should be lite and sweet 
but the MUA did d other way around..
its smookey on the eyes sgt2 dark..shading to dark and obvious..
and muka dia nmpk a bit garang..
btw our family smua mata sepet..huhu
then my cousin did ask me how's the make up
i said its ok..dun worry too much
i dun wanna say much coz i dun wanna spoil her mood...
nikah sgt2 cpt as the imam x drag too long with the kutbah nikah..
her reception is held on the same day..
so kalau it takes too long during solemnization 
it will effect her preps for reception..

lesson learned:
its either u go for trial make up..
or request for lite and sweet make up 
and kena bertegas sket dgn MUA
tkt jd mcm my fren during her wedds mak andam tu ikut suka dia je
she dun wanna pluck her eyebrow..
tp mak andam tu buat jugak
she dun wanna wear sanggul 
but mak andam still pakaikan jgk
she dun wanna wear fake eyelashes 
tp dia pki kan jgk
rasa mcm nk lemps je kan??hehe

my cousin and her best fren during solemnization
p.s: pic edited by me. colour resolution je pn...=p

then d 2nd thing im not satisfied with is photography..
(suka2 je x puas hati pdhl majlis org..AAK *ada aku kesah*)
i think b4 wedding we should discuss w the OP 
yeah i know they should capture every moment during solemnization
but wut about family portrait?
atleast la kan ada pic with family
but the OP macam capture je gmbr itu ini
i suka OP yg rajin 
i dun mind dia arah2kan like...ok lets take pic with family, frens, FIL..etc
ni after dh nikah, dia mcm tgu je..apakah???
ktorg yg mcm suggest d OP to capture our pic..heish..
sorry i can't reveal who's d OP 
as it is my cousin's fren..
lg pon mcm x baek kan ..huhu
and d MUA is my aunt's fren..
im not sure dia mmg buat make up service ke bidang terjun je..

lesson learned: 
as i said b4...
 b4 event meet d OP and discuss apa yg u nak

cousins with the bride..

p.s: sorry gmbr x quality ..sape ntah amek ms ni x clear sgt..cis

so i guess dats it about solemnization
lets cont with reception..


ni plg x larat nk review..
plg x puas hati with the catering..!!!
awl2 tu dorg jaga at the buffet table..
but around 1 pm camtu dh xde org..
buffet table bersepah
pinggan and gelas x cukup
meja2 mkn pn sepah..
and plg2 x puas hati with the food..
nasi dia mcm x well cooked..and masin
ayam masak merah supposed to be merah but pucat..
and i didnt recognize it as ayam msk merah pn
pajeri nenas should be pekat..
tp mcm cair berminyak je..huhu
i dun mind if d lauk2 x berapa nk sedap
but if nasi yg x sedap..mmg blh putus selera..huhu
kesian my aunt's family
and guess what after majlis d caterer packed all their stuffs 
and bwk blk lebih2 lauk tu...
i thought they should give it to us kn?
since we already paid for it..

so lesson learned: 
kena ada runner eventhough caterer dh ckp dorg akan jaga d buffet table..
and try d food b4 dorg serve 
coz my uncle and my cousin dah went for food testing
of course ms tu dorg akan buat sdp gle kan
and of course we didnt expect d food x sdp during wedds tu kan?

then plz organize ur event 
make sure ada flow majlis especially yg buat kat hall
so that x kelam kabut
discuss with ur family and those yg involve during event apa job masing
and most important is time management..huhu

OP tolong la rajin sket..
amek 1 dua picture je dgn family? kejam x?
kena la rajin layan kerenah family2 amek gmbr mcm2 gaya
i thought it supposed to be unlimited shot kan?
mcm pki film je..huhu

my cousin and i..
p.s: i suka make up dia ms reception..sweet je..

btw wedding dia ada almawlid, ustaz don, imam muda hassan..haha
ustaz don sgt la digemari rmi...
smpi x boleh nk mkn sbb rmi org amek gmbr..huhu
luckily he came late 
coz ms dia dtg tu org mmg dh x heran with d bride and groom

ok thats all for now..
i hope we can avoid all dis mistakes during our wedding ..

p.s: i've been reading all d reviews from ex-b2b so that it won't happen during my wedds insyaAllah..kt merancang Allah yang tentukan..

thnx for reading


  1. saya tak suka mekap nikah dia~ terlalu tak sesuai. secara tak langsung, entri mengingatkan saya~ hehe
    thanx ya!

  2. eyh dhiera what happen to u? dhiera pn ada go through d same thing ke? huhu tu la sian ktorg xnk spoil mood dia..huhu tp ok la just tebal sgt kat mata and shading nampak sgt kan..huhu

  3. xda pape jadi dekat kite. hehe. tapi tengok gambar tu terus rase tak sesuai mekap tu~