Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Monday, 6 February 2012

so called wishlist

AsSalam lovelies..
how's your weekend??
Alhamdulillah ..i really had a great time with bff and family
as for me though i didn't meet up my bff every weekend or even once a month..
but they are always in my heart..
it's really hard to find quality time with ur luvs one rite?
esp the one yg dh kawen..though they are staying in kl and im in pj
and now one of my bff (hanis) gonna follow her husband to Toronto (its act Tronoh, Perak)
so yesterday (sunday) ktorg buat farewell party for her 
ble dh meningkat usia (eceyh) its kinda boring kan hangout kat mall...
so ktorg picnic and potluck @ tasik titiwangsa

hanis and alau with their baby nusrah (bam bam)

group photo is a must!
to me seriously it is hard to gather ramai2 like we used to..
sorg2 move out from pj/kl
ija in kelantan
hanis and alau gonna move to tronoh perak
soon me have to start my "new life" in penang..wuwuwu

and ble rmi dh start kawen its getting hard to organize gathering
coz x rmi yg blh join...
but so far we never missed our annual gathering like 
PRS (program raya sakan) 
iftar with UKMABC (our group is inclusive of acctng and buss student)

PRS ni dimana ktorg gather and convoy to any of our group member yg tgl in pj/kl area
our PRS Sr.1 started in 2007 when we were in 2nd year
then on PRS 3 ktorg changed to new version where we went to our lect's house 
and any house yg x pnh pg lg..
in year 2010 ktorg x buat PRS 
since hanis and alau (both are UKMACB's) are tying the knot during eid..
so tu dh mcm our gathering la kan
 and last year on PRS 4 we went to married couple house..hehe 

p.s: click on the pic for clearer view 

haha can u see d difference??
well ms PRS 1-3 mayb x de..
but ble PRS 4 dh ada stroller and babies in d pic..auwwww..
how time flies and people changed..
and now they are planning to jalan2 to those yg live outside kl/pj next year..haha.. 

and below are pic during our iftar..
i couldn't find pic for another 2 of our iftar..huhu

p.s: click on the pic for clearer view 

other than iftar and PRS our 1st road trip was in 2008 (if im not mistaken)
we went to pangkor 
we invite other people not in UKMACB to join us too
so we rent 1 bus! imagine it..
nk organize road trip dgn berbagai2 kerenah.huhu 
but we made it! Alhamdulillah

p.s: click on the pic for clearer view 

other than going to pangkor
ktorg mst akan buat road trip to  our fren's wedding
even its outside kl/pj..
i really had fun during road trip since ive been living in pj since i was small 
my kampung @ pj and sepang..
x kewl kan? hahahaha 
when everyone is busy rebut2 beli tiket bas/flight/train..etc
i sebok2 find ways to make our raya interesting every yr..hahaha

i also enjoyed extreme activities too
like hiking.. 
gunung ledang

wall climbing
my muka busuk ..yikes!

though im some1 yg gayat! 
but i find all this activty interesting!!!
but i stop all this sbb my mom dh x bg
even my brother pn dia dh risau..
plus im no longer fit nk buat smua actvty ni 
since smbg master i rarely exercise..
naik tangga sket je dh sempuuuuuttt...hahaa

so b4 im tying the knot
i have few things in my list yg i kena buat or nk buat b4 kawen..hikhik

1. holiday with girlfrens! - soon in march @ langkawi 
2. nk hiking lg im sure my mom wont allow me..
so i plan to go to FRIM for jungle trekking and canopy walk...
3. sleepover party @ bachelorette party...
4. sky trex @ bukit cherakah

i guess that's all for now..

so wut's urs???
mst u all ada few things u are planning to do b4 kawen kan??
coz im sure u will find it is hard to do all this things after kawen..
unless ur husband share the same interest as urs 
and u have lotsa time ...=)

thanx for reading

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