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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WP: Guest Book

AsSalam lovelies...

any1 here yg still student??hehe
mst u guys pn dpt rm200 voucher kan??
kenapa la govt bagi early dis year..i hbs blaja january..
so dunno wut to do with the voucher..
then suddenly ideas blurp out!ahah

ting ting ting..guestbook.!! 
why dun i juz DIY my guestbook..
beli je stationary and papers yg lawa2 from book store..
then DIY je..sng and murah (eyh x kuar duit pn)

but then td i googled for the ideas
huhu tbe2 dh fall in love with this design..
mcm eyh unik nye..
mcm x pnh lg tgk org buat in msia..
(sbb dat person didnt review in their blog kan..=)

what kind of guest book is it???
drum roll....dung dang dung dang...
huduh btl bunyi nye...

its a puzzle guestbook!!! 

puzzles with initial
super heart this!! wishing tree puzzle

but..there's a but here..
this is made from wood..
and yg i tgk from their website the price is $13..
im not planning to burn some money..
coz im gonna utilized my book voucher...
then i googled again and i saw this puzzle made from thin board i think..

source: pinterest

but when i think about it..
its kinda hard for me to cut it one by one..
masyaAllah im a super lazy person dlm DIY2 ni..ehe
then i sj post on my fb wall 

"tahu mana nk cari template puzzle? atau kedai yg menjual blank puzzle..???"

then my bestfren ckp his fren ada buat puzzle..
and if i want it..insyaAllah he can ask his fren to do it for me..
i said its ok..coz i act juz want a template
klu suh kwn dia buat nnt kena byr
i akan rajin kn dr cut one by one...
(wow rajin nye saya!! *smbl buat muka mak jemah*)

but he said no no..juz use my name...
i give u for free!!!!
apakah??for real??
who doesnt like free stuffs??
tejun lombong skrg...kindding..!

but he have to ask his fren first tkt dia x free..huhu 
he even asked me what kind of material do i want..
ada mcm2 ke??
dia ckp kristal pn ada ok...
but then nnt cpt calar..
best material is hard board..
so i guess i mmg nk hard board je..sng sket..
and he asked me how big is it..
i totally dunno how big do i want..

then he said u dont put the puzzle guestbook during reception
put it during solemnization.
coz his fren had done this b4..
letak ms reception
after event..
ada puzzle yg hilang..sedih kan..
coz i think its too cute kan..

ms solemnization usually ur close frens and families je yg dtg..
so ni mcm special for them la..
so i harap if ada rzki ada la this puzzle guest book..huhu...
boleh susun after majlis and frame!!
wow ...*berangan*

then for reception i haven't think bout it yet..
but then these pics really caught my eyes..
dunno whether i manage to DIY all these things..

i mmg suka vintage styles like this:

owh heart this one so much

 and this 

but again..its made from wood..
alahai..juz do it using thin board la kan..
then beli je puncher yg ada shape..pap! got it..

but if this doesnt work i have to go for 2nd option 
which is guest notes in an  envelope..
but this seriously need lotsa patience!!
ke boleh je beli envelope byk2 then tmpl je dlm tu.??

alahai d 'rajin' me gonna tmpl satu2 ke??woweeee...
i myself x percaya!hahaha

but klu ssh sgt and super lazy..
boleh go for this design!hehe

suruh dorg je tmpl sndr..ahhahaha

i need to find some free time during weekend...
hunting for the materials...

thanx for reading!

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