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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Healthy Diet

AsSalam lovelies...

last year in december, i gained 6 kgs in a month...hewhewhew...hebat kan???
it is all becoz i was so stress trying to finish my dissertation..
tu la buat lg last minute..
if its exam, u can 'goreng' klu pn u stdy last minute and x th nk jwb apa..
but if its research...igt boleh goreng2 ke.? huhu
then early dis year..i dun have to worry bout my research anymore..
so i decided to lose some weight..
coz klu ms study i mmg byk makan..
though after gaining bmi is still normal
but im not fit..jln sket pn dh malas..
naik tangga termengah2..

i love green environment..
but if i choose to jog @ park..
it will end with juz 2 rounds which is less than 2km..alahai...
so my sis and i decided to go to gym
last year they have aerobic class..
ada la i joined masyaAllah trainer dia fit gle smpi ktorg x larat sgt nk follow
it is not like normal aerobic yg u buat mcm dancing tu..
ni mcm heavy aerobic..
but this year they no longer have it..

so i juz exercise guna their equipment..
my most fav equipment is elliptical exercise machine..
dia mcm!!hehe

so after a month i exercised i managed to lose 2kg..
yeah i know sket je kan??
but atleast..turun jgk..
coz i sng naik tp ssh nye la nk turun..huhu

then td i pg gym and do some exercise..
i managed to run 7km in 20 minutes..mcm nk pengsan!
b4 blk i timbang tgk2 turun lg 2 kg..yeaynesssss...!!!
so now another 2 kg !!

but im not losing some weight juz becoz of exercising..
i plan my diet..healthy diet..
in the morning i drink milk and eat 2 pcs of bread..
and if i only drink milk in the afternoon..
it can last up to dinner..seriously!
ok u dun have to follow me ..
coz im juz staying at home doing some house chores
so it is different with people who are working..
then i took my dinner at 5 pm..or the latest is 7pm
and i only eat rice once a day..1 senduk is enough already..
so from 1 senduk x 2 a day..
now dh kurang 1 senduk je 1 day...
pun boleh lose some weight..
im not doing this becoz im getting married in less than 4 months
but im doing this for myself..untuk sihat

there is one day i didnt eat anything..
i juz drink 1 small box of choc milk..
then at 5.30 pm i went to gym 
gle kan? blk tu dh pening2..slmt x pengsan..huhu...
so its not good act klu u x makan..
then sebok2 exercise..drp u nk sehat jd sakit..
ur body ada 1 je..x blh x berbaloi kan klu dh sakit..

so here i got some tips on how to plan ur healthy diet..

1. set ur self for success

  • Simplify. Instead of u guys concern on losing ur weight, it is better for u to choose healthy foods that u love to eat..
  • Start slow and make changes to your eating habits over time.  don't drastically change ur eating habit..lagi2 klu u dh biasa mkn nasi 2 pinggan..tbe2 u nk change to 1 senduk wont last long..u'll end up mkn mcm biasa blk .. what i do is i kurang kan nasi..contoh from 2 pinggan to 1 pinggan dlu ke..and byk kan lauk pn kena la healthy jgk..dont consume too much oily food..make sure lauk2 pn balance..jgn mkn sayur not good kan..i suka makan sup sayur + rice and ada chicken or fish ball..nyumssss

Eat me plz!! 

  • Every change you make to improve your diet matters. ok as for dis one..i sgt2 suka mkn french fries at first mmg ssh sgt klu x mkn at to make it work...klu pg mcD..i avoid from amek burger..i amek poridge je..sbb klu amek burger pn not good kan..pluz amek burger je mcm mahal drp amek set..hehehe so klu ye pn nk mkn i amek sket je dr my fren.. and lama2 i already used to it..dh x rasa mcm tempting sgt dh..hahaha

2. moderation is key

  • Try not to think of certain foods as “off-limits.” as i said earlier in point no.3 above..dun simply ban ur fav food..u'll crave more!! 
  • Think smaller portions.  

3. it's nt what u eat..its how u eat... 

  • Eat with others whenever possible. boleh eratkan silaturrahim kan..
  • Take time to chew your food and enjoy mealtimes. my fren sllu ckp i kunyah btl2 44 kali..haha...btl la..i sllu tgk guys mkn mcm kunyah 3 kali je gulp trus telan..haha nnt x hadam..ssh nk lawas..
  • Listen to your body. if u r not hungry..jgn sbb u saw something tempting in ur kitchen..smua u nk instead of mkn mkn and mkn..u minum air...
  • Eat breakfast, and eat smaller meals throughout the day. dont skip breakfast..not good..i sllu skip breakfast ms study..sbb bgn lmbt..aahahah..pastu lpr d whole day n rasa cm nk mkn byk2...

4. fill up on colorful fruits and vege

eat fruits and vege since its the foundation of a healthy diet. fruits and vege are low in calories. instead of taking pills, baik amek fruits yg ada byk mom suka buat green apple juice+cucumber..try it..sedap gle!! but the other day dia buat green apple+celery...yg ni very2 good for ur hearts..but then i x th mayb terlebih celery ke it doesnt go well with my taste..mayb jgk coz of d smell..

5. eat more healthy carbs and whole grains..

yg ni mmg i sllu la sgt x suka..esp wheat i choose minum barley..warm barley..nyumss...bread, cereal are not consider as whole grains tau!

6. enjoy healthy fats and avoid unhealthy fats.

healthy fats like plant oils, peanut oil, olive oil, nuts, and seeds such as pumpkin and sesame seeds. but avoid unhealthy fats such as red meat and whole milk dairy prdct, tid bits, candies, fried foods, vege shortening, processed foofs..owh2 snack ni la yg sllu suka nk mkn..esp klu tdo lmbt..haish..dh la tdo lmbt..mkn snack not good

so i guess dats all..
owh ada lg br teringat
u also need to drink lots of water...
sbb i dlu sllu dehydrated..
exercise, kurg mkn tp x minum air plak..

i hope this helps u guys for a healthy life...

thanx for reading..sorry for a longgggg post...

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