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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

wedding favors

AsSalam and hello dear!!

long hiatus aite?...
i've been busy with works as usual..
and weekends envy me to let me rest...
so even on weekends i was so busy with weddings and such

last 2 weeks on sunday
my family and i went for wedding favors and bedroom set hunting at klang
since there's a wedding around klang
so we decided to do d hunting on the same day
save time!

we are thinking of having a simple, presentable, affordable, and easy gifts for the guest...
easy means..goods comes with packaging
no need to DIY with ribbons, TQ tag, folding boxes and etc..
since we are running out of time, and we are very LAZY to DIY
so best solution is searching for something easy!

then i suggest my parents to pick this wedding favors
coz my aunts pernah beli dlu ms wedding anak dia..
and it tastes good
they are selling bahulu cermai, cakes, choc, cuppies and etc
and everything comes with a presentable packaging..

display box

bahulu gulung + pineapple jam

marble cake

marble mawar cake

marble choc mini mawar cake

(p.s sorry all the pics taken with lomo application..huhu in love)

so which one did i pick as my favors??
or i x amek pn from this vendor?
wait till i review bout my wedding favors after the event..hikhiks
but i can assure u guys the taste is awesome..insyaAllah...

to any of u who are still searching for wedding favor
click here for the details..
jalan nk msk ke kedai dia susah gle...
and u can call d owner for d direction

 thanx for reading

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