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Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: Cuppies

AsSalam and hello dearies..

sorry for d long hiatus..!
i've been busy with preps and all..
and i dunno what am i doing at this hour..
still cant sleep..huhu...
so i guess a lil update would be a good idea ..

omg sweetnye!
is that what were u thinking?
jatuh cinta dgn cuppies ni...
so classy and vintage..
btw this is my engagement hantaran 
(soksek: eiy puji diri sendiri?)
why not...?? i puji the one who make it..hehe
at that time i make the order,
she asked me what's my theme color?
i have no idea..
i juz said humm something with dusty pink and mauve..
what kind of design..??
i said i trust u..i juz want sumthng sweet
and by the time i pick the cuppies..
i was amazed! 
sweetnye!!! and look so vintage!
btw the owner is one of my colleague during my practical training...
the 1st time i taste her cuppies was 
when i ordered red velvet cuppies with cream cheese..
sedap gils!!
esp the cream cheese..
my parents is not a cheese lover
but when they taste it 
they said it taste really good..

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese

other than cuppies 
she also take orders for apam polka dot, cakes with butter cream, 
edible image, fondant, wedding cakes, engagement cakes...and etc..
i guess too many to list here..
lets d pic do d talking...

click on the image for clearer view

sumpah ini sungguh lawa!

love the colour combination

toffee caramel cheese cake..sungguh drooling bukan?

cakes with edible image

marble cheese cake

fondant cake

sandwich cake with buttercream

3 tier wedding cake

 wipe ur saliva dear...
juz go to her blog and check out other info on how to make the orders,
available date, method of payment and all HERE

the price are very reasonable..

thnx for reading!

all pics are from the blog owner of Simplicious Cupcakes

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  1. apam polka dot tu nampak stunning. hahahahaaa... okey, ive done reading comment u pasal waxing tu.anddddd soooo intrested to kno more!

    takuttt sakittt!!


    done following. thanks!