Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Friday, 29 June 2012

Im back!

Assalam and hello darlings..

Missing me? Nope?  -_-“

Alhamdulillah after a month being on hiatus..
I managed to update on this blog…(clap clap clap!)
And now I’m happily married for about 28 days!
Alhamdulillah…all praise to Allah for sending him to me..

I’m currently “working” as a full time housewife..
Enjoying my job so much…
And I dunno how long can I stay with this job..
My sis once asked me ‘dun u feel bored staying at home doing house chores?’
Nope! (for the time being laaa…)
And she said, “well im not curious at all as u are a rebellious person
So u might not suitable to work with people..
Since u are now handling the house
U are the boss and u are also the workers!
Suites u well..”

But but but..
Currently I’m staying with my parents in law,
So I’m actually an assistant to my MIL..hehe
We didn’t have enough time to find for rental house yet..
I pity him for a long journey ride to his office..
From kulim to penang island…
It takes about 45 mins to 1 hour..
I told him to find a house before we got married..
But he refuse, as he wants me to look at the house myself..T_T
I don’t mind as long as the house is comfortable
Then, that’s all fine for me…

I know I’m a bit fussy sometimes..
But he’s now my husband,
Working for 2 years ++
And I can’t expect him to find a very big house for us..
Plus it’s only for him and me…

I’ve been searching for a job (not aggressively)
And he seems to know that I’m not ready to work yet..
Coz he once asked me, u x nk kerja ke?
And I replied, I do, but not now..
Everyone, not everyone act., but my parents, siblings, PIL, and him
Want me to be a lecturer,
But I dun feel it is a suitable job for me..
As I loved doing audit so much
But I’m afraid, ill be spending most of my time at the client’s office
Instead of our house..
But I can’t do any job which I dun fancy..

And my mom asked me, if u dun really fancy lecturing,
Then why did u further ur studies in master degree?
Coz I feel like I dun like working
(but I didn’t answer her question like that…)
I juz said coz I wanted to…

Ok kinda boring isn’t it talking bout myself
I wanna do a review on my wedding
But I didn’t get any photos from my OP yet..
So, it’s not fun to do a review without any photos isn’t it?

Ok, for the next post,
insyaAllah I’ll blog about the flower corsage I DIYed…
Wait for the next post aite!

p.s: sorry for the not so quality pics..taken using lomo cam

Have a happy Friday!!
Tomorrow I’m going back to my hometown!
Owh btw im still homesick..!
 Though dh 3 weeks duk kat kulim..huhu..
Missing my family and bunnies so much!!

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