Ask Allah for a pious spouse. And sometimes when u like sombody dont pray to wish that Allah can give u that certain someone. But always ask Allah to bless u with a spouse, whom Allah made for u, and ask Allah bless me with a wonderfull pious spouse. U have to ask Allah from the bottom of your heart, it must feel like Allah is listening to you and Allah will bless u with it...~sarah~

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Groom's Side gifts

AsSalam and hello there,

yeah yeah ive been busy with works
but today im not
yeah rite...its juz that i choose not to do it..hehe

44 days left..
and everyday my mom keep on asking 
when's the card ready, 
have u survey gifts for the groom's side
and the list goes on...

i thought preparing for wedding is easy..
but i guess i'm wrong
i thought last minutes work really works for me 
as i always applied during my studies..
but i'm still wrong!!

so now i need to do a time line..
and kinda stress when it comes bout wedding preps..
but i tend to ignore 

im currently looking for gifts for the groom's side..
and really need ur help for any suggestions/ideas/etc...
anything nice, affordable, convenient ...

i saw this gifts before dekat Aspirasi Kadkahwin
and got this as a gift during my dad's fren wedding of his daughter
cute, convenient and if org amalkan..insyaAllah dapat pahala..
then yesterday i asked them for quotation for 100 pcs..'s exceed our budget..
klu order banyak mayb can get cheaper price..huhuhu

and now i also have probs with card vendor..
on their webpage
they stated that online service is 24/7 
but i have to wait for their reply bout 4 days..
itu pn lepas call lems..
then have to follow up byk kali..
itu la nasib kalau murah..
but i really hope it turn out well and pretty fast for printing service..
gle klu org th draft pn x dpt lagi but my wedding is 44 days left..
mst org ckp budak ni gle ke???hahaha

thnx for reading :)

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