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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Legal Docs

Assalam and hello

ok juz a short post bout the most important thing to prepare b4 getting married 
is the legal document

yeay Alhamdulillah
everything was settled yesterday
it is juz as simple as an ABC IF ONLY u complete all the supporting doc
coz d person b4 me came without a complete supporting doc and etc
so she need to come back again and print out a new form
its actually simple if u read the procedure and check on the checklist given..
but u also need to bring a copy of ur parents kad nikah and ur future husband's ic
they didn't stated in the checklist
and then the counter lady ask me bout it
i said it didn't stated in the procedure/ chekclist
so she can't blame me
then she asked me to bring it when i come to collect my kad nikah 

i'm relieve if d most important things has done..
so now need to focus on the preps..

all d best b2b's for the preps..

thanx for reading!

p.s: this is based on the Selangor's not sure bout other states..

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